The world is changing and the old mindset won't do

The world around us is fast-paced, confusing, and full of distractions. Things are only getting noisier, with rapid technological advancement, digitalisation, the changing workplace, shifting family structures and conflicting environments.

Despite the assumption that we should be happier, just under five million Australians are suffering from stress, a survey by health fund Medibank has found. 

The number of Australians affected by stress rose to 4.9million
in 2017, with lack of sleep, work pressures, overwhelm and negative media all playing a role.

What this means is the old ways just won’t do anymore.

Waking up, guzzling down a coffee, going to work, dinner gym, bed and then repeating it all the next day isn’t enough to sustain longevity in the new millennium. When we follow the same routines every single day without fail, we are allowing our brains to decay.

The modern landscape requires multi-faceted learning, complex problem solving, creativity, emotional intelligence, and a genuine service orientation if you want to grow and evolve.

As human beings, we have to upgrade our mindsets and the very ways in which we perceive, filter and approach life.

With such fast change, which people cannot anymore digest,
and the complexity of the world - many are asking themselves:
‘What is the purpose of my life in such a world?
— Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum


this is where Alina B Coaching can help

Life doesn’t really come with its own ‘how-to manual’ (though wouldn’t it be nice if it did), and for many of us, thriving between career, family and self-fulfilment doesn’t come that simply.

Cognitive reset coaching hardwires your thoughts to tap into inner wisdom and set strong foundations for accelerated personal growth.

  • This isn’t traditional therapy or counselling, where I ask endless questions about your life history.
  • Nor am I just a cheerleader, spurring you on from the sidelines offering vague outcomes or unclear measures for success.
  • I am in the business of switching on your awareness and facilitating an upgrade in both your thinking and goal-setting.

What you will experience from me is a straight-talking, understanding-yet-objective, solution-oriented point of view to enhance the quality of your life through personal growth and practical life management.

These sessions give you the space to put into words what it is that you truly want out of life. 

With a unique fusion of performance coaching, emotional intelligence, personal enquiry and behavioural science, the Alina B Coaching process is an empathy-based, reliable and efficient way to facilitate successful personal change.

And the best part? You’ll immediately start to experience noticeable clarity and positive changes.

“The old way of working hard, pushing, burning out’ to bring success
was really taking it’s toll a few years back and was something I no longer wanted in my life. Alina was one of the first people to open my eyes
to how this could actually be done.” 

— Amanda Daley, success coach and wellness business mentor


A moment with Alina

Book a quick 20 minute call, where we can go through specific and get a sense of the road map needed to get to your desired outcome.