"Alina harbours a genuine, unwavering desire to learn (and impart) as much as she can to develop, improve and enlighten the lives and relationships of those who surround her."
Zoe Foster-Blake
Author & Beauty Entrepreneur

“Each time I’m around Alina, things just magically seem to fall into place.”

Samantha Brett

“She’s the coach I go to when I need to go to the next level.”

Jacob Galea
International author, coach and speaker

“Alina has truly opened our eyes to a way of thinking that will make sure we lead our team in the best way possible.”

Rose Gallo & Justine Daisley
Founders, Fuzebox Creative

“I like the way Alina coaches because it's all about tapping into your power and living from that space”. 

Melissa Ambrosini
Best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur

“Alina is a woman of certain depth and talent in today’s fast-paced and consumable world.”

Kate Kendall
Celebrity Yoga Teacher & Flow Athletic Founder

“If there is something you feel is lacking in one area of your life - Alina is the person to see. She will not only uncover why it is lacking, but also how to fix it and where to go from there."

Samantha Brett

“Seeing Alina let me tune in to my inner self without feeling indulged. For me, the benefit of knowing that there is someone who can assist me to help myself during those times when my life is out of balance is irreplaceable.

Jess B.

“Alina is forthright, attentive, effervescent, trustworthy, warm and elegant. I found our sessions extremely useful and insightful.”

David Price
Senior Digital Strategist

“Alina’ taught me some powerful techniques and ways of thinking which have really helped me to have a complete turnaround both personally and professionally.”

Kim V.
Communications & PR Director

I find the coaching process reinvigorating, optimistic and rewarding. I always leave feeling positive, knowing that my life and previous thought patterns can be re-mapped and redirected to take me on an alternate journey, rather than the pessimistic visions that I’d previously believed to be the only truth.” 

Sophie. N. 
Senior Events Producer

“Through learning the tools Alina offers, I’ve been able to really experience moments of power and come out the other side okay - with a way of thinking that will make sure I become the best person I can be."

Justine Daisley 
Marketing Director

“Alina’s strategic coaching has taught me to “think big” and to understand that what my mind can conceive, my organisation can achieve.”

Graham Trickey
Senior Executive, Visy Industries

“I initially looked at coaching simply in meeting new people, and this expanded to include general life skills that have improved my outlook and self- belief in more ways than I ever expected.”
— David Alldis  Senior Banking Account Executive

“Alina saw me as no coach or mentor has before and I have since attracted solid business opportunities due to our strategy.”

— Andrew Ford CEO, Social Star