Upgrading is a Process

Think about your first phone. Remember that old brick? There is no way you’d dare it to run your life today in place of your smart phone.

Why then do we walk around with mental software as dated and daggy as that 1998 phone model?

Upgrading your inner software to the latest model involves a similar process:

  • Applying emotional intelligence to personal and professional communication;

  • Performing core updates on your mindset to accommodate the current challenges at hand;

  • Increasing both your creative and analytical toolkit;

  • Deepening personal relationships through empathy and self awareness;

  • Developing a resilience model towards complexity and risk.

Why is this important? 

By 2020, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will have brought us advanced robotics and autonomous transport, artificial intelligence, machine learning and biotechnology.

In essence, technology will disrupt, enhance and intrude into every facet of our lives.

To put yourself at the forefront of the new game, Forum’s The Future of Jobs report recommends we develop even greater:

1.  Creativity
The quality of randomness and the ability to build something out of ideas.

2.  Emotional Intelligence
Qualities such as empathy and curiosity will be a big consideration factor in personal and professional domains.

3. Cognitive Flexibility
The ability to switch between different personals and modes to accommodate the challenge at hand.

No matter whether you work, who you work for or where you conduct your daily life, the upgrade of external technology will require an upgrade of your own inner software.

Whether you run an aspiring empire, have a solid executive career or simply want more clarity efficacy in your personal life, it’s now time to invest in a cognitive shift that will sustain your core in this new environment.


“I initially looked into coaching simply to meet new people,
this expanded to include general life skills that have improved my outlook
and self- belief in more ways than I ever expected.” 

— David Alldis, Senior Banking Executive

How do we actually upgrade your mindset?


Coaching is a process of seeking depth through insightful enquiry and adapting new resources into challenging domains.

Neuro-linguisitic programming (NLP)

Applying whole-brain intelligence towards change, NLP supports complete integration of helpful attitudes and behaviours, helping you re-callibrate your identity and capacity at higher levels.


An adaptive and immediate way to discharge stressful states of being. Utilising vital meridian points, both mental and emotional discomfort can release and make way for more balance and space in the body.


Is a unique process evolving from years of neuro-research that elevating thinking capacity to new levels of functionality and creativity. It is used for high-gradient problem solving and creating more congruency and confidence in daily life.


is hallmarked by the use of metaphor and storytelling, to integrate new and empowering self-narratives. .