The greatest ‘big data’ processor is your mind

The subconscious mind is where intuition and knowledge come from and can reveal -- with the right application --  anything we need to know.

However, the subconscious mind can only direct our life in accordance with the way it is programmed.

Why wrestle with yourself and waste your precious time by struggling on the life path solo, when you can engage an expert to help you on your way?

Utilising proven and powerful behavioural sciences such as NLP, PSYCH-K, EFT and Performance Coaching, your personalised Cognitive Reset will synthesise increased self-awareness and congruence with profound respect for your unique learning style.

Personalised Cognitive Reset at Alina B Coaching bring cohesion and power through a holistic and innovative model of change, comprised of weekly transformative experiences. 

Tapping into more than a decade of experience, each one of my client’s starts with an in-depth discovery, through which a customised program is created to meet their unique needs. 

How do you actually upgrade your mindset?

Rather than working in a piecemeal and disjointed manner, we bring cohesion through a holistic and personal model of change, comprised of weekly transformative experiences. 

You desire to: 

  • Action a superior strategy that achieves traction on long-held goals

  • Master optimal, solution-centred thinking imperative for success

  • Condition yourself to project a calm and centred disposition during change

  • Access powerful internal modalities that will make you feel ‘superhuman’

  • Set a strong foundation for self worth and personal congruence

  • Engender trust, respect and empathy in personal relationships

  • Take inventory on personal habits and behaviours for accelerated results

  • Upgrade your environmental triggers so they support positivity and growth

Your Reset Program is built and tailored according to your needs. It consists of 10 core modules that can be completed within a period of 6 months, and will be customised according to your preferences.


The Cognitive Reset CORE MODULES


Why do you do what you do? Busy schedules, obligations and stressful environments can deplete and distort your cognition more than you realise. In this Module, you’ll identify current self-narratives, become aware of your own wiring and discover a Reset action plan for cohesiveness, upgrades and a stronger connection to self.


Mental programs that are created in your earlier years can still run your life unconsciously - and this is not a good thing. These are based on lack of information and your own bias rather than mindful reflection. This Module introduces you to a powerful methodology to self-delete dominant negative thoughts, interferences, fears and outdated patterns that interfere with your happiness and progress.


At their core, feelings set of kinaesthetic sensations with no meaning. Yet when we distort their meaning or give turbulent emotional states undue power over our esteem, we are prone to compensate in ways that border on acts of self-sabotage. This experiential session will guide you to update your emotional biofeedback system to a new resonance of authentic inner grace.


There are no quicker routes to connection and influence than language. Our syntax can either shape vision, possibility and meaning - or unconsciously discourage, contract and dismiss opportunities in yourself and others. This Module will facilitate a strategical upgrade of your power vocabulary, using the latest linguistics research. 


Life can be especially precarious under pressure. If you find yourself emotionally tested, quickly angered or overwhelmed by ongoing challenges, you will find your leadership and clarity vastly challenged. This Module will help you leverage science-based resilience techniques to engage complex problem solving capacity, creativity and cognitive calm in tense scenarios.


What could you create, achieve and complete if you could hack both your schedule and your brain? This Module will show you exactly how it’s possible by showing how to tap into whole-brain functioning. You’ll complete more in less time, prioritise like a President and get on top of the malleable nature of your schedule. 


Sometimes, even master communicators don’t know what to say when. In a multi-platform world, it’s vital to galvanise audiences and connect with minds from different backgrounds. This Module will introduce you to proven Communication models that foster trust, intimacy and EQ in a variety of personal and professional interactions.


Authentic and innovative environments have an almost instinct-driven unification in common. In order to self-realise, humans need to experience a sense of safety, mattering and belonging on a subconscious level first. This Module will empower you with cognitive tools and resources to facilitate growth in others and build wholesome and connected social environments.


There is nothing like the sight of the finish line. Before you bask in the victory, some important adjustments will be made to ensure you’re thriving forward. This Module is imperative to amplify your reset through cognitive accelerators to fine-tune your race to the celebratory line and remove any final obstruction. 


It’s time to create something that matters. By this stage, your progress is evident and inner paradigms are forever changed. So what are you going to do with all this energy, vitality and purpose?  This Module will help you explore how to give back and lock down your legacy.