you have all the resources you need within you to succeed

My own thirst to fast track my dreams began as a teenager. Since my late teens, I’ve been fascinated by the powers of the mind and the quest for self-improvement. I read voraciously to absorb the lessons of great thinkers, philosophers and scientists in the field of human potential. 

What I quickly learnt was that with the right tools, insights and support, anyone can chart their own roadmap and steer themselves in the driver's seat to steer themselves towards their goals. 

Now, as a certified Life Coach, Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K and EFT, my job is to hand over the keys so you can do just that. 

Over the last 10 years, I’ve facilitated a Cognitive Reset in clients from all walks of life, including anyone from corporate executives, company vice-presidents and CEOs to designers, small business owners, musicians and busy mums.

By working to optimise the quality of their thoughts, emotional intelligence and creative output, my clients have gone on to be wildly successful and influential in their field. 

Through tapping into their inner resources, they’ve been able to exceed their own expectations by resourcefully setting and in turn achieving long-held short and long-term goals that they've been able to create in our sessions. 

Whether you crave to make a global impact or are striving to overcome challenges, my service provides the incubation and comfort zone to realise your ‘can do’ potential and achieve everything you set out to do.


Alina Berdichevsky
Director, Principal Faciliator and Coach


“Alina harbours a genuine, unwavering desire to learn (and impart) as much as she can to develop, improve and enlighten the lives and relationships of those who surround her.”

— Zoe Foster-Blake, Author & Beauty Entrepreneur